Who we are

Mark Lumley, Director of Digital and IT 

I am passionate about using technology to enhance the everyday experience of receiving and providing public services.​ My motivation comes from making a difference and transforming services through digital delivery and he approaches this consistently with energy, drive and positivity.  

By designing services around users’ needs, we can transform how, when and where residents and the local business community interact with us, and we can become more efficient and streamlined in our delivery.​

I enjoy challenging traditional ways of working, building digital capabilities, harnessing innovation and imagination, and ultimately improving lives.​

I represent the council in pan-London, regional and national initiatives to ensure that it helps to shape the technological agenda and takes advantage of other sources of technology funding that may exist.

Andrew Connor, Head of Digital Strategy 

Andrew Connor portrait photo

I’m Andrew Connor and I lead the Digital Strategy team.​

My teams oversee and develop the technology architecture, manage cyber security and the commercial aspects of digital services, and we’re building a new service design team to support the organisation through significant change.​

I’ve been at Hounslow for many years now and have always found it interesting because it never stands still. The constant changes and challenges are what I love, it’d just be boring if it was the same all the time wouldn’t it?!​

The thing I’m most proud of was leading us through the IT aspects of constructing our fantastic new building and moving us in. It was a massive challenge and something we could never have done if it wasn’t for the amazing efforts of the team at Hounslow.​​

Barbara Munden, Head of Digital Solutions

Barbara Munden portrait photo

I’m Head of Digital Solutions and Deputy Senior Information Risk Owner at Hounslow.​

My teams provide information governance, data integration, application strategy, support and development for the council’s business systems, and the development of online services and transactions for residents.​

My key interests and areas of responsibility are the custodianship, transparency and interoperability of data, and the modernisation and redesign of digital solutions.​

Nick McCarthy, Head of Digital Services 

Nick McCarthy portrait photo

As Head of Digital Services, I am responsible for ensuring we can support councillors and staff to make best use of all the great services we are putting in place to support our residents.​

Hounslow offers lots of opportunities for staff development and all new members of staff get to introduce themselves at the  Digital & IT team show and tells – this ensures people feel a member of the team as soon as they join.​

My twitter feed is https://twitter.com/NickMcC63703911  –  does include a lot of info on tech as well as @BarnetFC!​

Simon Klee, Head of Digital Transformation 

Simon Klee portrait photo

As Head of Digital Transformation, I am responsible for the teams that lead the delivery of our digital project portfolio and our Digital Adoption and Inclusion function. 

I also manage our Business Relationship Management function which plays a key role in acting as Digital & IT’s trusted advisers to our service colleagues and, ultimately, get IT done!​

My main passions are developing my teams through coaching and mentoring and delivering effective transformational change through partnership and collaboration.​