What we have done

These were our key achievements in 2020-2021 – the first year of our digital strategy.

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Our key achievements of 2020-2021 were as follows:

Staff and workforce

  • Improved the stability and capacity of the council’s infrastructure to provide remote workers with reliable connectivity .
  • Increased the delivery of replacement laptops to 55% of devices being less than fours years old from 25% and deployed additional laptops to enable colleagues to work remotely​
  • Developed a suite of resources to encourage upskilling and help colleagues adjust to remote working, including supporting mental health and resilience​.
  • Launched a Digital Ambassador initiative to increase digital capability within the organisation and embrace opportunities that the digital era offers to change our ways of working.
  • Enabled and supported multiple live online events and webinars, including a borough-wide recovery conference involving over 200 people, a month-long Digital Festival, and all public meetings​.
  • Implemented a new approach to performance management to help increase engagement between employees and managers and increase staff development and well-being.​

Services and customers

  • Enabled all councillors to interact digitally by providing updated equipment; giving them support and training where needed to enable them to champion digital services.​
  • Recruited staff with new skills in business analysis, content, user experience and service design.​
  • Commissioned and procured new solutions to support the priority service design projects and enable more efficient and collaborative working designed around people’s needs.​
  • Launched a Community Hub and dedicated call centre within days of the first lockdown, so that our most vulnerable residents had easy access to vital additional support.​
  • In 2020, customers carried out over 320,000 online transactions across more than 100 different services, an increase of 30% from 2019.​
  • Agreed new Customer Experience principles and new governance arrangements for the digital platform to improve our residents’ interactions with us and make them consistent and reliable across all channels.​

Place and community

  • Signed our first master wayleave agreement which enables the supply of free high quality internet connections to some of our most vulnerable residents as well as our community facilities.​
  • Provisioned 750 devices for children being schooled at home and 150 4G internet connections to schools across the borough, to help bridge the digital divide in the borough.​
  • Worked with the third sector to secure and provide residents and schools with 200 recycled devices, with a further 900 secured for distribution this year.​
  • In partnership with our local Community Voluntary Service, we created, trained and supported 100 digital champions across the borough.​
  • Established a council-wide Digital Inclusion Network which will monitor the progress of the delivery of devices and connections and development of skills within our communities.​
  • Delivered a month-long Digital Festival covering a huge range of topics and reaching hundreds of staff, partners and residents.​

Collaboration and data

  • Developed emergency data sharing arrangements to enable greater insight into the needs of our most vulnerable residents.​
  • Redeveloped our open data website, making it much easier for people to access various sources of data, increasing the organisation’s transparency.​
  • Established effective governance to review and monitor progress on delivering the benefits of digital to all.​
  • Implemented a new system and associated process for managing Data Protection Impact Assessments, improving our ability to share data safely and make data-driven decisions.​
  • Established a new Data Science and Quality team to improve the integrity of our data and empower data-driven decisions.​
  • Migrated our file storage to the cloud, taking a big step towards achieving a fully mobile and collaborative workforce whilst reducing the amount of storage in our data centre.​