Our technical principles

Our technical principles set out how we will make sure we provide a consistent and high quality user experience. We will:

  • provide a responsive design –  the website will automatically adapt its layout to whatever device is being used to access it – for instance, a smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • build / buy once and re-use – we will use an initial procurement to purchase an enterprise solution that can be adapted and re-used to meet similar, recurring needs across the organisation.
  • adopt off-the-shelf, modular components and configuration by default to reduce development and maintenance costs – bespoke solutions will be avoided wherever possible.
  • adaptive or smart forms will be implemented for complex services, and we will also take the opportunity to map out, challenge, streamline and simplify processes and procedures.
  • solutions will enable fully integrated mobile working for officers in the field •We will adhere to guidelines from the Technology Code of Practice and the Local Digital Declaration.