Our data principles

We want to:

  • value the data we have highly and ensure it is accurate and up to date.
  • share data so we can provide better services and plan more effectively.
  • protect what needs to be protected and only hold data that is needed.
  • ensure we ask for consent to how we use data.
  • aspire that the community will trust us to do use their data securely and in a way that respects their privacy.
  • think creatively about how we use data – the law is there to protect personal data but it is not intended to be a barrier to data being used and shared to deliver better service or for other good reasons such as identifying fraud and so on.

To achieve this we will ensure that:

  • data is up-to-date, accurate and relevant.
  • data is requested once and we share or use that data as appropriate across the council and with partners.
  • data is secure and we are confident that only the person concerned can access their data.
  • data is only kept for a defined timescale according to service and retention schedules.
  • data will be stored securely in the correct way and will be properly categorised.
  • we explain to customers the reasons why we collate data and how we ensure their privacy is protected.
  • all datasets have a nominated custodian or guardian.
  • an asset register is maintained.
  • data is retained in an aggregated, anonymous / pseudonymous form for planning purposes.
  • we work openly and publish the data that we hold within the council (anonymised).
  • we publish data in good time in order to prevent subsequent requests for information.
  • a disclosure log is maintained for all Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.
  • when we work with partners and other organisations outside of the council, we will put in place an agreement for how we work together and share data