Our strategy

Our five year digital strategy for transforming how the council works and creating connected and inclusive communities across the borough was approved by Hounslow Council’s Cabinet on 17 March 2020.

Our strategy in a nutshell

Our vision is to create connected and inclusive communities in Hounslow supported by innovative and digitally-optimised services, in support of Hounslow’s Corporate Plan, Ambitious for Hounslow. Here it is in a nutshell:

A Greener Hounslow

We will adopt and harness Green IT, Smart Place, and Internet of Things technologies, and develop our data science and analysis capabilities, so that we can monitor and ultimately improve our local environment and help progress towards becoming a Net Zero Carbon borough.

A Healthier Hounslow

We will use initiatives such as Better Points to enable healthier lifestyles, adopt Smart Place technologies to encourage independent living, deliver our Digital Inclusion Commitment to reduce digital exclusion, and work with partners to join up data, so that we can improve how we support the most vulnerable in the borough.

A Cleaner Hounslow

We will apply data science techniques, combined with Smart Place sensors and monitoring technologies, improved reporting facilities, and better online services, to help to understand and ultimately tackle issues such as fly tipping, air quality, and antisocial behaviour and help create low carbon neighbourhoods and improve environmental well being.

A Safer Hounslow

We will enhance our CCTV capabilities, use Smart Place monitoring technologies, and develop our data sharing and analysis capabilities, so that we can work in partnership with our communities to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour, address resident perceptions of safety and create safer neighbourhoods.

A Thriving Hounslow

We will improve connectivity in the borough, make wifi available in all our locations, develop digital skills and confidence, transform how our communities access our services and interact with us, and support educational programmes, so that everyone can benefit from the opportunities and benefits digital brings.

A Liveable Hounslow

We will adopt modern technologies to support the overhaul of engagement, transform how we work with our housing tenants, and we will enhance our understanding of the impact of the cost of living crisis by applying advanced data science and machine learning tools and techniques.

Year 2 update Hounslow Digital Strategy and Digital Inclusion Commitment

Our year two update of the Hounslow Digital Strategy outlines what we have achieved and details what we’re going to do in the coming year.

In addition to our Digital Strategy, on 18th October 2022, Cabinet agreed our Digital Inclusion Commitment which details the approach and outcomes that will increase digital inclusion in Hounslow:

Year 1 update Hounslow Digital Strategy

Read the year one update of the Hounslow Digital Strategy which outlines what we have achieved and details what we’re going to do:

Full original Hounslow Digital Strategy

For the full original five year strategy approved by Cabinet in March 2020, please follow the link below: