About Digital

Digital, data and technology form an integral part of the London Borough of Hounslow and our transformation programme. Together they provide opportunities to deliver transformation across the council and the borough.

Hounslow.Digital is an ambitious transformation programme that will connect with and support the delivery of the Corporate Plan and other Corporate Strategies including Economic Regeneration; Customer Strategy and Thriving Communities Strategy.

What is Digital?

Digital is many different things to many people, and it is important to ensure a common understanding. Digital means changing the way we work. It is not about technology for the sake of technology.

This heading is the simplest, most fundamental definition. Former Government Digital Service (GDS) Deputy Director, Tom Loosemore defined digital like this in a tweet:

Digital: Applying the culture, practices, processes & technologies of the Internet-era to respond to people’s raised expectations.

The implementation of technology is the last point in his definition, and for good reason. To achieve success, it is important to ensure that the other elements of the definition are embedded in the Digital Strategy and Transformation Programme – the Digital Strategy and approach will ensure that Hounslow does this.

Our vision is to create connected and inclusive communities in Hounslow supported by innovative and digitally-optimised services.

Aims and Objectives

We are currently consulting on our Digital Strategy for the Borough but it is envisaged that the Strategy will have the following pillars:

  • Staff and workforce – providing all our staff with modern technology and empowering them to work together. Roles evolve to support and optimise digital service delivery, and to deliver digital inclusion and assistance. Enabling a digitally fit workforce giving people the skills and tools they need
  • Services and Customers – ensuring we redesign services to be easy to access and intuitive to use, by collaborative working between Service owners, frontline teams and service design
  • Place and Community – enabling a better-connected community, engaging with businesses and partners to create growth and support a thriving Borough
  • Collaboration and Data – working as one council to build the future, sharing data and working with our strategic partners across the Borough