Fibre broadband in Hounslow

Current sites completed by Community Fibre

South Road, Cottington Road, Hampton Road East, Oxford Court , Swift Road , The Hollands, New Chapel Square Midsummer Avenue, Hunter House, Watermead, Rose Gardens , Wynne Court , Pears Road, Wynne Court, Sandalwood Road, Brookwood Road, Hunter House, Swan Road, Summerwood Road, Field Road, Greenham House, Derwent Lodge, Old Farm Close, Tivoli Road, Boswood Court, Southern Avenue, Cooper House, Hatchett Road, Clements Court, Redwood Estate, Brabazon Road, Bolton Road, Alexandra Gardens, Montgomery Court, Harlech Gardens, Edensor Gardens, Norman Crescent, Perran Walk, Beaconsfield, Layton Road, Distillery Walk, Ellesmere Court, Fern Grove, Fusiliers, Fauconberg Court, Boston Manor.

Sites planned/underway April 2022 to May 2022

Percy Gardens, Shakespear Avenue, Carville Crescent, Hamilton House, Chrislea Close, Cavendish Road, Bethany Waye, Casselden Road, Middlesex Court, Owen House, Hogarth Court, Meadowcroft, Benson/Estridge/Fogley, Hamilton House, Frank Towell Court, Deans Close, Blackthorn Court (+ Beech), Harnage House, Twickenham Road, Staveley Gardens, Jessop House, Rectory Court, Edward Pauling House, Fenn House, Ealing Road.

Sites underway by Hyperoptic

Brent Lea .

What is fibre broadband to premises?

This is the where the fibre cable is delivered direct into premises and not via the green boxes you may see which then need a copper cable into each individual property.

A fibre optic cable is able to handle a much larger volume of data than a copper cable without degrading. Fibre optic is therefore quicker than standard broadband, as the signal strength is less likely to fail with distance from the exchange, and speeds are maintained over greater distance. Maintenance is also better with fibre broadband and better guarantees of speed can be offered by suppliers.

The work also helps as part of move to fibre from copper by BT Openreach over the coming years with the current final date for disconnection set at 31 December 2025 for equipment connected from exchanges via copper to local “green” boxes.

Fibre broadband in Hounslow

The principles for guiding the roll out of fibre broadband:

  • To maximise the extent and coverage of fibre broadband availability for residents and businesses in the borough.
  • To deliver the rollout of improved fibre infrastructure in a way that minimises the disturbance to residents and businesses in the borough.
  • To ensure delivery of fibre broadband networks at pace.
  • To leverage social, environmental and economic value and secure investment in digital investment that everyone in the borough can benefit from.

The Council has been working in partnership with Harrow and Barnet Councils, so far Community Fibre and Hyperoptic have signed agreements with more expected, with the rollout programmes being developed currently for the Council’s social housing stock. This will help to unlock the investment needed to get fibre broadband into all premises in Hounslow,

As different sites around Hounslow have confirmed dates we will publish here this information in addition to direct communication by the suppliers at each site.

Information sent to residents